Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vigils actor Brandon Little on Soul

We’re asking Brandon about the upcoming production of Vigils and his role.
You play the Soul, the dead husband who is kept in a box by his wife. How would you describe him? How would you describe the relationship with his wife?
I think is a pleaser. Cause there is no other reason for him to stay in that damn box other than to just make her happy.
I think they have a very interesting relationship. I think at some point he didn’t really love her because he wanted to leave her when she was at her worst. But he stuck with her and over time I think learned to love her. However, after being stuck in that box for two years, he is definitely ready to move on and he is ready and wants her to move on.
Katie has said she’s wanted to direct this play for years and feels like this story can relate to anyone. What was it about this script that made you want to act in it?
I read the play a couple of years ago and thought it was such an interesting look at how people cope with losing a loved one. A very dramatic look. The idea of keeping the soul of your dead husband in a trunk so you’ll never forget him is absolutely crazy yielding a play that really peaked my interest!
This play is both humorous and heart-wrenching. How do you think you and the other actors will balance the two?
We’re pros. We got this. We’ve all had training in both of those areas so I think we will be able to convey what the playwright and director intended. I think we’ve all experienced losing someone you really care about so I think we will be able to pull from those experiences.
If you ever have a dead spouse (let’s hope you don’t), think you’ll try to keep them in a box?
I’m all about not dwelling in the past and looking forward to the future so I don’t think anyone will be locked in a box at the foot of my bed anytime soon. Besides, with my eating habits, I’ll probably be the first in the relationship to go.
For more information on Vigils please visit www.wishbonetheatre.org.

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