Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finding Myself Lost

Collective member, Katie Jones shares her thoughts on Wishbone's 2011-2012 season theme: Dedicated to the Lost and Wandering:
So, I’ve lived in Chicago for about six years now, and, when I first moved here, I felt like I knew a whole lot. I had a very set plan for my life. But then, as I continued into my twenties, things got pretty real, to say the least. I found myself 600 miles away from my family, ridiculously poor, and having this overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. I was working on shows and meeting people, but everything felt so haphazard. I learned some things, certainly, but my longing for something more substantial never subsided.
This sounds cheesy, but what I think I was missing was other people who were lost, too. And about three years ago, a bunch of people that I knew moved up from South Carolina, and they were all struggling – with careers, relationships, personal identity, money. It made all the difference. I had a place where I could talk about these things without boring people and create work that was relevant to what we were all feeling. Ironically, it was embracing the feeling of being lost and convening with my fellow wanderers that helped me to find myself, and my new family, Wishbone.
This company has been lot of things for me. It’s a creative outlet. It’s cookouts and going out dancing and celebrating opening nights and cringing over silly mistakes. But, mostly, it’s a place where it’s okay to be confused, to be searching for something. It’s a place where I know people are right there with me, to help me find the answers.