Monday, March 12, 2012

Hobo Robo 4

So, I was chosen by the illustrious friends of Wishbone, Hobo Junction, to direct a short play in Hobo Robo 4! This year's theme is Hobos in Hollywood, so each piece is geared toward the entertainment industry. The scripts range from a inappropriate relationship between Optimus Prime & Michael Bay to a southern bell trying to produce her first screen play. Neither of these are mine though. My piece, Lifetime Achievement Award, is written by the New York based duo Philip Kaplan and Stephanie Walter It's about a veteran entertainment icon receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award for his time and talent spent in the industry. Albino Schwartz (the veteran), being an ancient, decrepit, and senile old man, gives life to this pice by making inappropriate remarks throughout his acceptance speech. I'm really excited about directing this piece. Its edgy, funny, and classic; and with Wishbone actor, Aaron Weiner (Returning from Madness and Incendiary), and Wishbone Intern, Rush Marler, on board to play the MC Bart and Albino respectively, I'm sure that the piece will be a hit! Being that this festival of short plays is a competition, I'm gonna pull out all the stops to guarantee there will be some knee-slapping going on! So, make sure to attend this festival and VOTE FOR ME. Here are the deets:

MARCH 19, 20, 21 at 7:30pm
$7 (Cash only at the door)

-Brandon Little, Company Member

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