Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Austen in Elgin

Hi again, y'all!  It's Erin, and I have some exciting news! Laurie and I were cast in a production of Pride and Prejudice. Laurie is playing the role of Jane, and I'm playing the role of Lydia. AND guess what? It's all the way in Elgin! YEP. That's the most fun suburb ever! On the drive over there are tons of strip clubs and casinos to stop into. I personally have never been to any of them, but the girls on the billboards are LOOKERS! 

On the flip side, rehearsals have been a good time. We have now read the script twice and are looking to meet with the dramaturg tomorrow. I have loved speaking in a British accent daily (or at least have an excuse to). Lydia has alot of funny lines, and she is kind of a strumpet (Urinetown reference). With all that said... 

People, free your weekends in early July because we're going to mix a little Jane Austen with a little naughty time!


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