Monday, April 23, 2012

Tech Week

Happy Monday, friends!  I have an exciting post for today.  As some of you might know, WTC is trying their hand at film this summer, and filming an original web series called Tech Week.  Tech Week was an idea that surfaced two years ago during a particularly stressful tech week for a children's show we produced. Everything imaginable went wrong that week.  Life was so strenuous, that ultimately all we could do was laugh at ourselves.  We all agreed that if we had a camera crew following us around, we'd have a hit reality show that we could fondly call "Tech Week."  Throughout the years, any time something dramatic or hilarious would happen (and they tend to happen often), we'd utter Wishbone's catch phrase "That needs to go in Tech Week."
About two months ago, Laurie Jones and I decided to make our fictional reality show into a web series.  We sat down one day and wrote a pilot loosely based off of our company. "Tech Week" is a mockumentary featuring a brand new Chicago theatre company that's made up of six college friends from South Carolina and one friend of a friend from Wisconsin.  The first episode kicks off when the company rolls into town and tries to put on a children's show in 48 hours.  
Laurie and I recruited friends and Wishbone members, and before we knew it we were filming!  We were so pleased with the final product that we submitted the it to the Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition.  Although we didn't win, we received wonderful feedback from the judges, which has inspired us to continue writing and filming.  We have a six episode season planned that will air on YouTube beginning this fall.  Right now, I'm please to show you a sneak peak of our pilot episode.  In this clip, company members, John Paul and Kacie, take Ned (a set designer they found on Craigslist) to Menard's to buy supplies.

We hope you enjoy it!  


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