Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wishbone's Super Summer Camp!

Well, folks.  Last summer Wishbone held their first ever children's theatre camp.  We had such a blast that we couldn't possibly let this summer sneak by without having another one.  We're SUPER excited about this year's camp theme.  In light of the successful run of our ensemble-developed play SPANDEX, Artistic Director Laurie Jones has developed a program based around the theme "Dare to be super!"  Every child has a favorite hero that they look up to, may this hero be super or an ordinary person that they see in their lives. We will take your child on a theatrical journey of the hero.  They will learn stories of ancient, super, and every day heroes, then dramatize it onstage.  In addition to acting, they will learn about all of the technical elements of theatre (sets, costumes, lights, sound) that make a true performance.  Your child will be able to use his or her imagination all week and this summer, dare to be super!



Be sure to check out the Wishbone Kids section of our website for more information!  If you have little ones, sign them up today!


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