Thursday, December 13, 2012


The cast is working hard on the upcoming sketch show, because just like love, comedy can take a lot of practice. Wishbone Theatre Collective will be performing in the 12th Annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival at 8pm on January 13th at Stage 773! 

The show is about relationships over time from childhood to old age. Wishbone is so lucky to have an awesome cast from strong Chicago comedy backgrounds. From what I hear, the show is being developed through improv and has been a very organic process. 

I wish I were there to see it. For all of you living in Chicago, please go watch this awesome show in January! Wishbone Member Brandon Little is directing with help from Wishbone Member Mandy Stertz. I am sure it has been such a fun process and I can't wait to see which sketches make the final show!

Laughing all the way from England,


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