Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dispatch from the Fringe

Well, friends, we have finished a very exciting run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and could not be more pleased with our experience.

Even Superheroes get tired of talking about themselves, so we thought we would take this time to talk about shows that we simply thought were SUPER. 

In particular we've had a blast watching the other shows playing at our venue (Greenside Venue) and two in particular have had a unanimous impact:

After What Comes Before

In Manic Chord Theatre's ensemble developed show, three scientists devise a machine to replace the process of psychoanalysis. The dialogue is complex and multi-layered and the show's incredible physicality adds such wonderful dimension to the storytelling. While Wishbone works a lot with ensemble developed pieces, we haven't explored this more physical method of performance. It was a huge inspiration to see it add such a positive impact to this performance.

Keep an eye out for Manic Chord Theatre. It sounds like they have some exciting new work up their sleeves. 


In Entita Theatre's devised prequel to Shakespeare's Tempest movement is again a critical component to how the story is told. We were amazed at how this company moved in unison to tell a beautiful story in such a creative way. 

Entita Theatre is a very young company that will impress us more and more in the years to come!


Wishbone would like to thank Tara, Nick and all of the Greensiders that made our week so stress free. We hope to be back!


Wishbone Theatre Collective

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