Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Check out what we've been up to!

Since Scotland our crew went back to our respective parts of the world! South Carolina, Colorado, Endland, Switzerland, LA, and Chicago. Phew! Do we get around, or what?? This is what a few members of our tribe have been getting it to since Scotland...

Andrew Bailes

Since coming home from Festival Fringe, Andrew has brushed up on some poetry to play Lord Byron in Grey Ghost Theatre’s production of The Book of Spectres, and he is now perfecting his mustache to play an opera manager in Chicago dell-Arte’s Yikes! There’s a Phantom in the Opera. He still pays the bills by slinging truffles at Vosges Haut-Chocolat, and on weekends he’s rolling with the number one bowling team in the league, Team Smegma. He still dreams of Edinburgh, though, wishing he were there watching those fireworks exploding over the castle skies.

Laurie Jones
Scotland was amazing and magical. It was so wonderful to perform with Wishbone at fringe and to see all of the great art that the festival had to offer. The minute I left Fringe I had to face reality that I was in fact, still in grad school and actually had to finish my dissertation. So after Scotland, there were weeks where I saw no one but my computer and ate nothing but peanut butter and Nutella. I turned in my dissertation on September 15th and have been in a constant state of celebration since. I won't officially graduate until January, so I've been traveling and seeing all of the great people that I have missed over the past year. Two of my dearest friends got married this fall and I feel so grateful to have gotten to travel to be a part of their beautiful weddings. What's next is pretty wide open... which is both exciting and terrifying. Meanwhile, I am gonna keep on celebrating and spend some more time in Liz's yoga class as to burn off the Nutella mentioned previously.
Katie Jones
Since Scotland, Katie has started classes at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, to obtain an MFA in Contemporary Performance. She is studying Viewpoints, Somatic Movement, Roy Hart Vocal Technique, Acting, Meditation, and Post-Modern Art/Performance History. In the spring, she will get to train with the Tectonic Theatre Project to learn their moment work technique. Her new training and the beautiful surroundings of Boulder have Katie brimming with ideas and excitement for Wishbone!
Elizabeth Finley
Since August Liz has been trying to recover from the awesome-ness that was Scotland! It opened her eyes to new and amazing experiences and seemed to make everything else in her life burn a little brighter. Since coming back to South Carolina she dove back into Yoga, fell in love, bought a house, and become an Aunt. She's been one busy girl! Also, eating lots of Nutella, just like Laurie.